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Softball Resources

To help our players and coaches, we have compiled a list of resources.

Skiatook Softball Association Facebook Page

Softball By-Laws

Owasso-Skiatook League Rules





1. Prior to SSA registration, a player will be placed on a drop file with a full refund.

2. After SSA registration, a player shall be dropped only upon written request from a parent or legal guardian. A 50% refund will be granted prior to the first game.

3. A full registration refund will be provided if the player moves out of area, or must drop due to medical reasons prior to SSA registration.

4. If a player moves out of playable area after SSA registration, a 50% refund will be granted prior to the first game of the season.

5. After the first game of the season, no refunds shall be given.

6. Any refund granted for an online registration will be assessed a $5 processing fee.




Scholarships are available for those players requiring assistance with registration fees. SSA offers 10 scholarships each season.  Individuals wishing to be considered for scholarship should contact the Skiatook Softball Association.  The following conditions must be met:


1.  Documentation showing some type of state or federal assistance must be provided. Reduced lunch qualification is acceptable.

2.  A minimum $20 registration fee to cover administrative costs shall be assessed.

3.  Acceptance of a scholarship is agreement by the recipient, to perform a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer service to the club during the current season.