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Inclement Weather Policy

Skiatook Soccer Club monitors weather conditions prior to, and during all home game times. For weather conditions occurring prior to game times, we will try to notify everyone as soon as a decision has been made to play, postpone and/or cancel games. For weather that causes field conditions to deteriorate or is forecast to create a weather related danger, the decision to postpone or cancel games will be made at or before 7:00am on Saturday game days and 12:00pm on Sunday game days. Each coach has the responsibility to notify their players and parents. The Skiatook Soccer Club uses the following methods of notification:

  • Home Page of the Skiatook Soccer Club website
  • Skiatook Soccer Club Facebook Page
  • E-mails to coaches
  • Text Messaging to coaches
  • Air Horn Signals (on game days at the Skiatook Sports Complex only)

Each individual is ultimately responsible for his/her personal safety and has the right to take appropriate action when threatened by bad weather. Adults must take responsibility for the safety of children in their care during weather events.

The Skiatook Soccer Club has designated responsible person(s) to monitor the weather and field conditions to initiate the notification, evacuation, postponement and/or cancellation process when appropriate.

Adults and Parents must take responsibility for the safety of children in their care. The Skiatook Soccer Club recommends everyone to take shelter in a safe place or location designed to protect from weather related dangers.

Take Shelter Signal
The Skiatook Soccer Club requires immediate evacuation of all practice and game fields after bad weather threats are signaled or anticipated. In the event that lightning or other related danger is approaching the Skiatook Soccer Club area on a game day, we will sound the "Take Shelter" signal, indicated by the 1 (one) long blast of a Air Horn. This will be sounded when lightning is determined to be within 5 miles of the Skiatook Sports Complex.

All Clear Signal

The "All Clear" will be 2 (two) short blasts from an Air Horn and will indicate when thirty minutes has passed since the last observation of thunder.

Game Postponement
The Skiatook Soccer Club may temporarily postpone practice and games for situations where the weather related danger is expected to be short lived.

Game Cancellation
The Skiatook Soccer Club may be forced to cancel practices and/or games due to weather related dangers and/or field conditions. If games are cancelled, please see the Game Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy.