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Game Cancellation, Postponement and Rescheduling Policy

All weather related cancellations and/or postponements will be posted on the Skiatook Soccer Club website home page, and Skiatook Soccer Club Facebook Page. All cancellation and reschedule requests must be emailed to the Referee Assignor. Potential dates and times of reschedules MUST be agreed upon by both coaches prior to request submission to the assignor. If an available date/time cannot be agreed upon by both coaches, a date/time will be set by the assignor.

Games cancelled due to weather or mutual consent of both coaches must be rescheduled through the Referee Assignor. Non-Emergency related cancellations, postponements and/or reschedules require a 72 hour advance notice to the Skiatook Soccer Club Referee Assignor via email. 

Home team coaches are responsible and required to notify visiting coaches of cancellations, postponements & reschedules. Notify your players and parents once the make-up game has been confirmed and rescheduled by the Skiatook Soccer Club Referee Assignor.

All postponed games shall be rescheduled within seven days and played by last date of games as determined by OSA.

Teams that do not give proper notice of at least 72 hours for games that are cancelled, not due to weather, will be responsible for paying referee fees when the game is scheduled. This applies to the team responsible for the cancellation, either home or visitor.