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Become a coach today! Our goal is to help the youth by providing an environment where they have fun and develop the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment and hard work. We encourage scholastics achievement and family involvement while acting as consistent and caring role models.

The Indian Nations Football Conference is proud of it's roughly 2,000 tackle football coaches. We take pride in knowing we are a developmental league for not only our players but coaches as well. Throughout the years we have seen several of our coaches go on to coach at higher levels. All INFC coaches must be certified to coach football. USA Football is the official coaches certification provider for the INFC, and NYSCA certifications will no longer be honored by the INFC. If you are a new coach, the certification process with take approximately 3 hours to complete.

To register, go to USA Football and use the Promo Code                     . For detailed instructions on how to register, select New Coaches or Re-Certification.

Do think you can commit to coaching, but want to stay involved with the youth in the SBFA. Become a Volunteer, the SBFA could always use extra  hands. Reach out by email to 


Any and all volunteers must submit application, have a back ground check approved by the SBFA board.



INFC Rulebook - Current rules and guidelines for coaching in the INFC

Field Signal Guide - Diagrams of the official's hand signals

Coaching Resources - Collection of links the INFC has assembled to help with coaching football

INFC Forms - Collection of forms currently in use by INFC coaches

INFC Website - Official website of the Indian Nations Football Conference

Online Registration - Register online at Sportabase



SKIATOOK BULLDOGS FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION; is a support services organization, dedicated to giving back to communities by encouraging the positive development of youth athletes through their association with adult leaders in the sport of American football and cheer. Guidelines are established to ensure that players play in an atmosphere of learning with a competitive balance between teams. For the greater good, a “Kids First” Philosophy is expected of all SBFA member organizations.

Set standards and expectations of excellence in everything we do. Communicate with honesty and regularity to both parents and players. Compete fiercely but fairly; win with class and lose with dignity- improvement opportunities come with both. Success begins and builds on fundamentals. BULLDOGS CLAIM VICTORY AS ONE TEAM!


The name of this corporation shall be Skiatook Bulldogs Football Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as SBFA).
The purpose for which this charitable corporation is formed is to further promote the progressive development of the sport of youth football through organization, training and education, to organize a football team or teams to compete and participate in youth football, establish and develop programs for minors, to secure sponsors for all teams, to receive gifts and donations for any source whatsoever to be used solely to promote the health, welfare and recreation of the general public through the organization of the corporation for the development of the sport of football.   
ARTICLE III: Membership
Section I 
The regular membership of SBFA shall be composed of persons of good moral character who affirm that they are in accord with the purposes of SBFA and who pay to SBFA their annual membership fee. The payment  of such membership fee shall entitle the member so paying to be a member in regular standing for a period of one year.  Membership shall be limited to families of students currently enrolled in the Skiatook Public School system or any person whose residence lies within the Skiatook Public School boundaries. Exceptions to the Article may be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. 
Section II 
The voting membership of SBFA shall consist of, and be limited to, those regular members of SBFA who are not in arrears in the payment of any membership, athletic equipment or other fees associated with SBFA.
Section III 
A. The Board of Directors, Coaches or any appointed Coordinator of the SBFA would be exempt from payment of membership fees. All others must pay the sum of $25.00 yearly to be paid no later than September 15th of each calendar year. 
B. Any person who has performed some particular service for SBFA or has made a significant contribution may, upon motion of any voting member, be elected to honorary membership in SBFA for a period of one year by majority vote at any regular meeting. No membership fee shall be required of any honorary member.
Section IV 
The membership of SBFA shall be responsible for the election of officers to the Board of Directors of SBFA in accordance to Article V of these Bylaws. 
Section I
The business and property of SBFA shall be managed by the SBFA Board of Directors as well as the aims and policies of SBFA. The management of SBFA is vested in the Executive Board. The Board of Directors of the SBFA shall make reports to the membership at an annual meeting as to the matters handled by the Board of Directors during the preceding twelve months.  
Section II 
The Board of Directors shall meet once each calendar quarter and any other times so called by the President or by the majority of the Board of Directors. All board meetings are open to the membership in a non-voting capacity. Any member wishing to present new business before the Board of Directors must send a written request to be placed on the agenda or have approval by the President.  
 Section III
 The Executive Board will consist of appointed and elected officers. The Executive Board will be voting members. Those officers are:
President, Vice President, Football Director, Secretary, Treasurer,
Cheerleading Director/President, Cheerleading Vice President 
B. The Board of Directors shall include those persons on the Executive Board, the elected “Representatives”, and those persons appointed by the Executive Board as set forth in the By-laws.   
Elected Positions: President , Vice President,  Football Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Cheerleading Director, and Cheerleading Vice President. 
Appointed Positions: Field  Manager, Cheerleading Coordinator, Fundraiser Coordinator, 1st-2nd grade football representative, 3rd-4th grade football representative, 5th-6th grade football representative, 1st-2nd grade cheer representative, 3rd-4th grade cheer representative, 5th-6th grade cheer representative, 
Section IV 
 A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board of Directors shall consist of 2/3 of the Board of Director members. 
B. Only the President or Vice President shall be empowered to call for a special meeting of the Board of Directors.
Section V 
. The President shall be voted in by majority of members and shall preside at all meetings and preserve order and decorum. He/she shall carefully supervise the affairs of SBFA and labor for its usefulness, efficiency, and compliance with the Bylaws of the Corporation. The President shall be charged with the supervision of all football activities and shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning schedule of games and conference participation. He/she may deem necessary and recommend committee formation which is not otherwise provided for herein. Committee chairpersons are to be approved by the Board of Directors.  Any unbudgeted expenditures exceeding $200.00 must be approved by ¾ of the Board of Directors. 
B. The Vice President shall be charged with the supervision of the football program activities and shall monitor adherence to policy in both SBFA and INFC. The Vice President and the Board of Directors shall serve in the selection of coordinators and coaches in the program.  The Vice President shall make recommendations of the Board of Directors concerning present and new activities, rules and disciplinary guidelines and decisions. An SBFA Board member shall serve as a representative at all Indian Nations Conference meetings. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall fulfill the duties of that office. 
C. The Secretary shall issue notices of board meetings to all Directors. He/she must advertise meetings prior to the meeting for the assurance of membership attendance. The Secretary shall attend and keep minutes of all Board of Director meetings. Minutes of all meetings shall be issued to all Board of Directors and approved by these Directors at the following meeting. The Secretary shall have charge of all corporate books, records, and papers.  He/she shall attest all written contracts, mortgages, deeds and similar instruments of the SBFA. The Secretary will make and manage all game day work schedules for directors and volunteers. The Secretary will manage and over see the concession stand inventory, workers, pay in and pay outs. 
D. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies and securities of SBFA. He/she shall keep regular books of accounts and shall render detailed reports to the Board of Directors for approval. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation and filing of all taxes, accounting forms and payroll as may be required by this Corporation or any government agency. The Treasurer will present a detailed financial statement at the annual membership meeting. At the end of the Treasurer's term of office or upon resignation or termination by the Board of Directors, all accounts of monies in his/her charge, together with books, receipts and other relevant material belonging to the Corporation, shall be turned over to the President. After the assumption of duties of a new treasurer and the review of Officers of the Board of Directors, a determination will be made as to the accuracy of these reports.  A decision for acceptance by the President and Secretary shall be determined with their signatures or a call by the President and Secretary for review and/ or independent audit will be rendered.  
E. Football Director shall be responsible for all pads and helmets cleaning repairs, and inventory. The Football Director will oversee pad check in and check out. The Football Director shall be responsible for all other football accessories, for practices or games. The Football Director shall be responsible for handing out equipment for coaches and getting any and all updates to coaches about games, practices or conferences. The Football Director shall make sure all fields are safe for practice or games, also meeting INFC regulations.
F. The Cheerleading Director/President shall carefully supervise, represent, and coordinate all of the SBFA cheerleading activities. She will be empowered to enforce all rules of the INFC and SBFA Cheer. 
G. The Cheerleading Vice President shall be charged with the supervision of the cheerleading  activities and shall monitor adherence to policy in both SBFA and INFC. The Cheer Vice President and the Board of Directors shall serve in the selection of coordinators and coaches in the program. The Cheer Vice President shall make recommendations of the Board of Directors concerning present and new activities, rules and disciplinary guidelines and decisions. An SBFA Board member shall serve as a representative at all Indian Nations Conference meetings. In the absence of the Cheer President/Director, the Cheer Vice President shall fulfill the duties of that office.
H. The Field Manager shall be responsible for all maintenance at the practice fields as in mowing, watering, and marking up keep and home game field set up and break down.
I. The Cheerleading Coordinator shall be responsible for the management of cheerleading accessories, also keep record of cheer inventory and maintenance. The Cheer Coordinator shall recruit qualified cheer coaches and insure that all appropriate training is attended and coaches hold appropriate badges. The Cheer Coordinator will maintain a line of communication between the Cheer Director/President, Cheer Vice President and all of the SBFA Head Cheerleading Coaches regarding meetings, camp, clinics, practices and games.
J. The Fundraiser Coordinator shall be the individual that organizes, records, and collects monies regarding fundraising campaigns for the purposes of aiding in cost and other purposes deemed necessary by the executive board or the board of directors. All monies will be turned in with a detailed record of expenditures and collections to the treasurer.  He/she will be responsible for collection, recording, and turning in monies (to the treasurer) regarding membership of SBFA. 
K. The Football and Cheer Representatives shall represent the grades opposite of their child's grade. Roles of these representatives are to be a member of the board and advocate for the parents. He/she needs to communicate weekly with teams to see that the best interest for players and parents are being considered. Should a problem arise that he/she can not handle, they will report to the Board of Directors. He/she will also need to be available to help work the home games when needed along side the rest of the SBFA board and committee.
Article V: Election, Appointment, Resignation and Removal
Section I 
A nominating committee will be established annually by the Executive board of directors. consisting of 9 people, one of which shall be a Director from the Board. That committee is: Field  Manager, Cheerleading Coordinator, Fundraiser Coordinator, 1st-2nd grade football representative, 3rd-4th grade football representative, 5th-6th grade football representative,1st-2nd grade cheer representative, 3rd-4th grade cheer representative, 5th-6th grade cheer representative
Section II 
Active coaches will be allowed to serve as voting members with $25.00 fee waived.
Section III 
The Officers of SBFA will be elected at the annual membership meeting held the 1st Thursday in December. The vote of a simple majority of the voting members present at such annual meeting shall be sufficient for the election of any officer to the SBFA Board of Directors when there is a position open.  
Section IV 
In the event that vacancy exists in any office, whatever the reason, may be filled by the Board of Directors. Any officers may resign upon written notice to the board 30 days prior to the effective date. The board shall not approve the resignation until all monies, equipment, and other property belonging to the SBFA is secured. 
Section V 
Any officer may be removed by a 3/4 vote of the membership. The Board of Directors can ask for removal of any officer or coach with 3/4 vote of the Board, however, the officer in question will be allowed the right to ask for an appeal to the membership. At such request, the Board will call for a special membership meeting within 30 days of written request by the officer in question. 
Section VI 
New officers shall assume their responsibilities on the Board of Directors on January 1st of the year following their election. 
Article VI: Participation Rules for Coaches & Volunteers
Section I
SBFA is a member of the Indian Nations Conference and will adhere to all Indian Nations rules of participation.
Section II 
Coaches/Volunteers must submit a completed application to the board for review. They will also need to pass a background check approved by the board. Coaches/Volunteers must be approved by 2/3rds majority vote of the Board of Directors. Coaches must be members of the organization. They must abide by all rules and regulations of SBFA and INFC. 
Section III
All members of the football/cheer coaching staff will be certified through Football USSA and/or ASEP certification and will have to produce proof if requested by an INFC commissioner at that time. 
Section IV
Allowed practice times for football/cheer will be determined by the INFC by-laws. 
Article VII: Amendment of Bylaws
These Bylaws may be amended by 2/3 vote of the membership at any membership meeting provided that notice of intent to do so shall be published two weeks prior to the meeting date.  
Article VIII: Fiscal Year
The fiscal year for SBFA shall be from January 1st  though December 31st of each year. 
Article IX: Nonprofit Status-Dissolution
This corporation does not afford pecuniary gain, incidentally or otherwise, to its members. Upon the dissolution of the Corporation, the Board of Directors shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the liabilities of the Corporation exclusively for the purposes of the Corporation in such manner, or to such organization or organizations under Section 501-c 3 of  the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law, as the Board of Trustees shall determine. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be rendered to Skiatook Public Schools.
Article X: Equal Opportunity Policy
It is the policy of the Corporation to provide equal opportunity to all persons without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex, and handicap status or veteran status.
Article XI: Definitions
Notice/Notification - may include posting information on the SBFA website and/or placing notification in the Skiatook Journal.



Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.” - Bum Phillips
SBFA encourages its member organizations to welcome all youth athletes to become involved in football and cheerleading, regardless of race, religion and gender. Divisions are established to serve various ages and weight groups, as well as participants with special needs.
SBFA members may contact the SBFA President  with questions regarding this Rule Book and the contents therein. Actions in contravention of the rules designed to ensure fair competition may result in probation, suspension, or exclusion from SBFA and or the ability to participate in sanctioned events. SBFA members believe that each of us can make a difference where we live and how we live. SBFA believes that ALL kids deserve equal opportunities, special attention and respect.

“Organization is a habit” - George Allen
Executive Board of Directors
A Executive Board of Directors guides the SBFA. The Board is responsible for overseeing the SBFA on matters that relate to their individual talents and expertise. The Executive Board conducts the day-to-day operations of SBFA. This staff will be under the guidance of the President of SBFA. Positions will be added to the staff as necessary.
SBFA Committee
The SBFA Committee is composed of individuals whose knowledge and experience provide valuable advice and insight to issues that affect SBFA.

We operate on multiple websites, which serve specific needs and services.
Facebook: following the football ( Skiatook bulldogs youth football association) and cheer ( Skiatook youth cheerleading) pages will always have updates about all SBFA information.
Remind: SBFA has each team/squad a remind me group. Any smart phone can get access to download this app (remind). is a general information website and is designed to educate our members and the general public about the programs, services we offer as well as the sponsors that support our youth football and cheer programs. is for all online signup. The SBFA does only online signups, all player/cheerleaders and coaches have to sign up on before paying league fees. is where all football coaches have to take there coaches test to become a coach with the SBFA, and certified to coach with the INFC. is where all cheer coaches have to take there coaches test to become a coach with the SBFA, and certified to coach with the INFC. is the INFC website, this is the rules the SBFA will fall under for football and cheer.



All coaches must submit an application have background check approved and signature of the coaches contract on file with the SBFA.
Our goal is to help the youth by providing an environment where they have fun and develop the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment and hard work. We encourage scholastics achievement and family involvement while acting as consistent and caring role models. The following are not suggestions, they are how as coaches we will act as role models with the SBFA.
• Be organized. Have your practices and drills planned out, written out and timed. Be effective with your time, keep it short, change drills often.
• Speak with confidence and purpose.
• Give your kids plenty of water breaks. Take no chances with heat exhaustion.
• Take no chances with health issues. If necessary call parent, evaluate or call for ambulance. Keep all asthma inhalers in one location.
• Be positive, smile, and enthusiastically encourage your players/cheerleaders.
• Encourage teamwork.
• Do not touch a player/cheerleader when you appear angry.
• Do not use any abusive or foul language.
• Do not smoke, dip or drink alcohol in front of any player/cheerleader or parents at a SBFA event.
• Do not wear any clothing that promotes alcohol, tobacco products, or drugs. When dressing for SBFA events keep it modest.
• Safety is our 1st concern; medical kits will be issued to each team.
• Make sure your players book is in your possession all time at SBFA events.
• No arguing with officials, opposing coaches or player/cheerleaders. Only talk to officials to clarify the number of players committing the foul, asking for the amount of time left for time out and clarifying any “special” league rules. Never question a judgment call ever. Any coaches that are tossed from a game will be fired.
• No parents on the sidelines except for coaches. Control the crowd.
• Restrain any problem parents by asking them to tone it down. Next step, tell them their child will be removed from the game if they do not tone it down. Next step, remove the player if necessary. Put the player back in when the guardian leaves the field. Have a board member help if needed.
• Refer any guardian or coach complaints to the grade representative for your team/squad. They will then handle the problem and report to the SBFA board.
• Report any signs of child abuse or neglect immediately to DHS Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-800-522- 3511. Next, report to your grade representative.
• Report any type of bullying to your grade representative. At that point the SBFA board will take proper actions. 
• Report any player/cheerleaders that have missed two unexcused practices in a row immediately to your grade representative. At that point the SBFA board will make contact to pick up SBFA equipment.
• Report any player/cheerleader that is expelled or that quits immediately to your grade representative. At that point the SBFA board will make contact to pick up SBFA equipment.
• Report any rule violations to your grade representative or any board member present.
• Head coaches holds the power to appoint any and all assistant coaches and team moms. 
• Assistant coaches must pass the same application process as head coaches. 
• Team mom's must complete volunteer application process.
• Coaches must have a heart to help children of all races and economic conditions.
• They must fill out paperwork, pass the background check, attend clinics and pass test prior to them working with any player/cheerleaders.
I agree to abide by the above guidelines as a condition of coaching for the SBFA. I can be terminated at any time, with or without cause and I will have no remedy for review. I agree to accept whatever actions the board feels is appropriate and agree to hold harmless to the SBFA board members, coaches, or members for any wrong doing or acts of negligence.  I agree to resolve any issue directly with the board of the SBFA and not in the court of law. I agree to pay the SBFA for their legal fees if I choose to ignore this clause. I acknowledge that I will be a role model, that player/cheerleaders will take their cue from me. I agree to act in a way that is honorable. While the goal is to play well, the primary goal is the uplifting and proper training of the youth.


Any and all volunteers must submit application, have a back ground check approved by the SBFA board. This is volunteer position and the SBFA board can terminate at any time. With or without cause and no remedy for review if the SBFA board finds grounds for removal.


All player/cheerleaders must sign up on, have yearly medical physicals on file, all participation waivers signed and on file this includes parents and player/cheerleader contracts, and all league/uniform fees paid by or before June 30th. The following is all waivers that must be signed.
Participation authorization and release of liability: I hereby represent and agree to the following my child, named above, has my permission to participate in all SBFA sponsored or endorsed activities. The SBFA and its board members and communities, coaches, coaching staff, agents in licenses are here by released from any and all liability or responsible for any injury that may occur to my child, to me, to my spouse and any of my other children resulting directly or indirectly from my child participation in SBFA activities including, but not necessarily limited to, league tournaments, Practices, games, transportation to and from games and tournaments or otherwise in the use of practice facilities, games facilities, concession facility or any other facility. I agree to pay in full and understand that registration fees are non refundable.


Of sound mind I do here by Grant consent to any and all health care providers designated by SBFA to provide all needed and necessary medical care as well as 1st aid and transportation to needed medical care facilities or medical care personnel.

During the course of the 2018 season practices, games and all of SBFA events, I agree that my child may be photographed and videotaped. I understand that those videos and pictures maybe published on social media, on websites and in newspapers to promote the SBFA program. I waive the right to preview or approve photographs and/or videos before they are published. I acknowledge that the SBFA is not responsible for any unauthorized use of photographs and/or videos published. 

No refunds. Equipment will be issued when full registration payment is received. Player/cheerleader will not be allowed to participate in the SBFA program if payment is not paid in full. Fees include purchase of full game day uniform, football or cheer equipment. The equipment is the property of the SBFA and must be returned by the end of the season. I agree to pay the cost of any lost equipment issued to my child or me by the SBFA.


Equipment. The SBFA has football helmets and shoulder pads for players to use thru the season. Equipment must be returned at the end of the season, in good working order. Failure to return the gear within 10 days of the last game will result in a $250 fee to be assessed. If the organization must retrieve the gear an additional $100 fee will be assessed. In the event a player quits or is removed from the team, equipment must be returned within 5 days of the termination date. A $5 per day late fee will be assessed if equipment is not returned within 5 days. By signing this form I agree to these terms and also agreed to pay for all recovery, attorney and collection cost occurred by the organization to recover the equipment and monies owed.


I do hereby agree to abide by the SBFA player/cheerleader code of conduct as well as the discretionary authority given by authorized coaches in the program. Failure to follow the code of conduct and coaches instruction will be deemed grounds for disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the team/squad.
• I will respect all coaches at all times, calling them coach or Mr./Mrs. 
• I will work hard in school and stay out of trouble.
• I will respect and obey my parents/guardians.
• I will respect referees and opponent players/cheerleaders and coaches at all times.
• I will have sportsmanship as my number one priority in all games and practices.
• If I have an unsportsmanlike event, it will result in my immediate removal from game and one game suspension. If I have another sportsman like event that is a result of poor interaction with a referee, it will result in my season long suspension.
• I will not use profanity or gang talk. 
• I will encourage my teammates in a positive way, regardless of the circumstance.
• I will attend all scheduled practices and games. If unable to do so, I will contact my coach beforehand. If I have an unexcused absence it will result in loss of playing time.
• If I have 2 unexcused absence is it will result in expulsion from the team. If I have multiple excused absences is it will result in loss of playing time.
• I will respect, protect and maintain my equipment. I will never throw or purposely drop my helmet.
• I will return all equipment at years end or immediately upon dismissal from team. Failure to do so will result in a $5 per day fee plus the cost of equipment ($250) as well as legal and collection cost assessed to my guardian and me.
• I will conduct myself in a way that presents a positive image of the SBFA and myself on and off the field.
• I will not bully any of my peers. If found bullying, it will result in my season long suspension.


The SBFA has a history of being great, in providing a positive sportsmanship environment for all players. Our program is bigger than any one player/cheerleader, coach or parent/spectator. As a SBFA parent/spectator we require the following:
• Encourage members of both teams.
• Keep all comments positive.
• Only players and coaches are allowed on the Field, no exceptions.
• Leave the coaching to the coaches. If you have a suggestion or would like to coach next year’s team, please volunteer so you can attend mandatory coaching clinics, pass the background check, sign the coaches contract and pass the coaches test.
• Criticizing the officials, coaches, opponents or fans will not be tolerated at all. Same goes for abusive language or cursing. This is youth sports, everyone makes mistakes.
• Playing time and positions are at the discretion of the coaches and determined by what is best for the player/cheerleader and the team/squad.
• Football is a team sport and every position is of equal value. Each player will be guaranteed the  number of plays per INFC rules in every game if he/she attends all practices that week.
• You are responsible for all family members and friends attending the games to watch your child.
• No alcoholic beverage on fields or parking areas.
• Help make this a positive and fun experience for all.
• Report any violations to the head coach or SBFA board member. Get involved.
 Policy enforcement
1. Individuals will be given one warning for an appropriate activity.
2. Individuals that continue will be asked to leave the fields and the player/cheerleader will be removed from the game until the parent/spectator has left.
3. Other sanctions as deemed necessary by the SBFA board maybe enforced, Including permanent ban.


Practices will be limited to a maximum of four per week (pads or otherwise), lasting a maximum of two hours from the scheduled start time per practice. All non-scheduled INFC games or scrimmages will be counted as practice periods with the exception of two organized scrimmages with another organization prior to the first scheduled game. All players will need to purchase cleats, practice pants, and practice jersey. No practicing in game day clothes other the cleats.
Mighty Mite, 3rd & 4th grade; see additional rules pertaining to practices under your appropriate sections (can all be found in the INFC rule book).
Example: Practice starts at the time parents were told, not the actual start time. Practice, including team meetings must end within the two hours allotted. Team meetings are considered a practice.
Teams must have a minimum of three days of outdoor conditioning without pads immediately preceding the beginning of practice with pads. During the three days of allowable practices, only footballs, shoes, and helmets can be used. No other protective equipment such as pads, guards, etc., and no training devices such as tackling or blocking dummies, charging sleds, or similar devices are to be used, nor shall players participate in drills that are designed to cause contact. Training aids such as air and stand-up dummies which are non-attached, tires, ropes, boards, and any other equipment not requiring body contact, may be used. All players will practice per INFC guidelines per grade. Head coaches will set day and times of all practices. If you have a problem or concern about any practice times talk to your head coach and try to come up with a solution.


The following participation guidelines shall be as set forth below:
• To participate in the seventh grade league, a player must be in the 
seventh grade and cannot be 14 years old prior to September 1st.
• To participate in the sixth grade league, a player must be in the sixth 
grade and cannot be 13 years old prior to September 1.
• To participate in the fifth grade league, a player must be in the fifth 
grade and cannot be 12 years old prior to September 1.
• To participate in the fourth grade league, a player must be in the 
fourth grade and cannot be 11 years old prior to September 1.
• To participate in the third grade league, a player must be in the third 
grade and cannot be 10 years old prior to September 1st.
• To participate in the second grade league, a player must be in the 
second grade and cannot be 9 years old prior to September 1.
• To participate in the first grade league, a player must be in the first 
grade and cannot be 8 years old prior to September 1.
1. With approval of their association a player may play up one grade level 
only. A player shall not play down a grade level. INFC participants shall only play for one team during a scheduled season. The INFC player cannot play for any other conference or league team during the same season.
2. Academic Rule: If it is determined by the INFC Commission that a child 
was promoted to a higher grade level by the school, then the child may be permitted to drop down to play for the grade level befitting his proper age. Proper proof must be submitted to the INFC Commissioner.


Weight Limits
The following weight limits will be utilized for all INFC games.
Grade    Max Offensive           One Striper         Two Striper      Maximum Back Weight

1st                60.00                  60.01 to 80.00     over 80.00                       105.00

2nd               70.00                  70 .01 to 90.00    over 90.00                      115.00

3rd             80.00                   80.01 to 100.00     over 100.00                   130.00

4th               90.00                   90.01 to 115.00    over 115.00                   150.00

5th              110.00                 110.01 to 135.00   over 135.00                  170.00

6th              130.00                130.01 to 160.00    over 160.00                    none

A Player exceeding the maximum weight limit for their particular grade level will be required to play up to the next grade level. A player exceeding the maximum weight limit after having moved up to the next grade level, will be allowed to participate in that grade after receiving permission from the INFC Commissioner. A special decal will be issued to be worn on the helmet signifying approval.


The following practice schedule will apply for all cheerleaders: (Please note that the following are maximums; if the coaches wish to reduce the amount of practice time, they may do so.) A 1st-2nd grade mighty-mite cheerleader may practice a maximum of three days per week. Each practice shall not exceed 1 ½ hour in length from the scheduled start time. A 3rd or 4th grade cheerleader may practice a maximum of three days per week. Each practice shall not exceed two (2) hours in length from the scheduled start time. A 5th or 6th grade cheerleader may practice a maximum of four days per week. Each practice shall not exceed two (2) hours in length from the scheduled start time. Members are expected to conduct themselves at organized practices, games or any function representing your prospective club and/or INFC with the utmost respect shown toward other teammates, coaches and competing teams. Organized practice will  not begin until 2 weeks prior to the set start date for INFC Tackle Football. A new start date is set every year for cheer.
Practice attire: Jeans are not allowed. Clothing must be non-restrictive. Tennis shoes, socks and sports bra are required. Hair must be pulled back into a ponytail (length permitting) and no metal clips (bobby pins, etc.) can be worn. Absolutely no jewelry (including belly button rings). Fingernails, including artificial nails, must be kept at an appropriate length to minimize the risk of injury. This rule applies to all cheerleaders, coaches and/or advisors who are actively participating at practices.
Food and Drinks: No food, including gum, is allowed at practice. Cheerleaders are required to bring water to practice. No other beverages are permitted.
Warming Up and Stretching: This is not optional. You must participate in order to cheer.
Attentiveness: Every cheerleader is expected to participate in all practice activities. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the coach.
Stunting: Stunting is not allowed without an ASEP certified coach present. Stunts must have a spotter and follow the INFC stunting guidelines. Stunts are to be practiced on grass or mats. Stunting and tumbling is prohibited in wet conditions.
Participants: Practices are limited to coaches and cheerleaders. Parents, siblings and any other spectators are asked to refrain from interrupting a scheduled practice.
Dismissal: Cheerleaders will not be allowed to leave a practice with anyone not listed as an approved family member and/or friend without prior notice given to the coach.
All cheerleaders will cheer with the grade in which they are currently in for this seasons school year.

• Appears dazed or stunned 
• Is confused about assignment or position
• Forgets sports plays
• Is unsure of game, score, or opponent
• Moves clumsily
• Answers questions slowly
• Loses consciousness (even briefly)
• Shows behavior or personality changes
• Recall events prior to hit or fall
• Can’t recall events after hit or fall
• Headache or “pressure” in head
• Nausea or vomiting
• Balance problems or dizziness
• Double or blurry vision
• Sensitivity to light
• Sensitivity to noise
• Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy, or groggy
• Concentration or memory problems
• Confusion
• Does not “feel right”
What a Coach should do if a Concussion is suspected
• Remove the athlete from play.
• Look for signs and symptoms of concussion if an athlete experienced a bump or blow to the head. 
• “When in doubt, sit them out” - athletes with signs or symptoms of concussion must not return to play.
• Ensure that the athlete is evaluated immediately by an appropriate health care professional.
• Do not try to judge the severity of the injury yourself. Coaches recording the following can help a health care professional in assessing the athlete:
• Cause of the injury and the force of the hit or blow to the head.
• Any loss of consciousness and if so, for how long.
• Any memory loss or seizures immediately following the injury.
• Number of previous concussions (if any).
• Inform the athlete’s parents/guardians of the possible concussion & and give them the concussion fact sheet for parents found on
• Ensure that parents know the athlete must be seen by an appropriate healthcare professional.
• Provide formal documentation of the injury and notify the league Commissioner.
• Allow the athlete to return to play only after an appropriate healthcare professional clears his or her return.
• A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovers from the first can slow recovery or increase the likelihood of having long-term problems.
Children get dehydrated if they do not replace body fluids lost by sweating. Being even a little dehydrated can make a child feel bad and play less effectively. Dehydration also puts children at risk for more dangerous heat illnesses.
Signs and Symptoms
• Dry mouth 
• Thirst
• Being irritable or cranky
• Headache 
• Seeming bored or disinterested 
• Dizziness
• Cramps
• Excessive fatigue
• Child not able to run as fast or play as well as usual treatment
• Move child to a shaded or air-conditioned area. 
• Give him or her fluids to drink. 
"When can I play again?" A child may be active again as soon as he or she is symptom-free. However, it’s important to continue to watch the child.
Heat exhaustion is a moderate heat illness that occurs when a child continues to be physically active even after he or she starts suffering from ill effects of the heat, like dehydration. The child’s body struggles to keep up with the demands, leading to heat exhaustion. 
Signs and Symptoms
• Child finds it hard or impossible to keep playing
• Loss of coordination, dizziness or fainting 
• Dehydration 
• Profuse sweating or pale skin
• Headache, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
• Stomach/intestinal cramps or persistent muscle cramps treatment
• Move child to a shaded or air-conditioned area.
• Remove any extra clothing and equipment.
• Cool the child with cold water, fans or cold towels (replace towels frequently).
• Have child lie comfortably with legs raised above heart level.
• If the child is not nauseated or vomiting, have him or her drink chilled water or sports drink.
• The child’s condition should improve rapidly, but if there is little or no improvement, take the child for emergency medical treatment.
"When can I play again?" A child should not be allowed to return to play until all symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration are gone. Avoid intense practice in heat until at least the next day, and if heat exhaustion was severe, wait longer. If the child received emergency medical treatment, he or she should not be allowed to return until his or her doctor approves and gives specific return-to-play instructions. 
Parents and coaches should rule out any other conditions or illnesses that may predispose the child for continued problems with heat exhaustion. Correct these problems before the child returns to full participation in the heat, especially for sports with equipment.